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  Private Couple Retreat Schedule Example  

(Schedule can be customized to suit your needs)

4 Day Couples Retreat

Unwind in a secluded and stunning nature retreat in Vermont

while learning new skills to connect more deeply and honestly with each other.


Arrival- 4-6pm

Greeting, orientation, and a relaxed evening on your own in your suite or out on the land.    


Day 1

9-9:30am: Meditation with Miles

Learn a simple practice of interrupting your thoughts and directing your attention to a present moment sensation, enabling increased calm, presence, enhanced awareness, and more joy and vitality


Day 2

9-9:30am: Meditation with Miles

            Guided instructions, silent sitting, and answers to any questions 

9:30am-12pm: Conscious Communication with Miles


Day 3

9-10am: Meditation with Miles

            This session offers more time to explore your experiences with meditation so far, and support to deepen your practice and apply mindfulness to your daily life.


Day 4

9-9:30am: Meditation with Miles

Silent sitting, and answers to questions.

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