Private Couple Retreat Schedule Example  

(Schedule can be customized to suit your needs)

4 Day Couples Retreat

Unwind in a secluded and stunning nature retreat in Vermont

while learning new skills to connect more deeply and honestly with each other.


Arrival- 4-6pm

Greeting, orientation, and a relaxed evening on your own in your suite or out on the land.    


Day 1

9-9:30am: Meditation with Miles

Learn a simple practice of interrupting your thoughts and directing your attention to a present moment sensation, enabling increased calm, presence, enhanced awareness, and more joy and vitality


9:30am-12pm: Human Design with Tasha Marie

            In this session, you will each be introduced to your own unique type, strategy, personal authority, and potential shadows that are present within your Human Design profile. We          will also begin a couples reading, where we will highlight possible areas of conflict as well as areas of connection between the two profiles.


Day 2

9-9:30am: Meditation with Miles

            Guided instructions, silent sitting, and answers to any questions 

9:30am-12pm: Conscious Communication with Miles

            Taking cues from your Human Design reading, and using the self-awareness from meditation practice you are well positioned to learn and practice specific skills that enable you to express your feelings and needs clearly and effectively, while also listening to understand those of your partner. Miles will orient you to the basic skills and then facilitate live discussions between you focused on current issues.


Day 3

9-10am: Meditation with Miles

            This session offers more time to explore your experiences with meditation so far, and support to deepen your practice and apply mindfulness to your daily life.

10am-12pm: Human Design with Tasha Marie

            In this session we will dive deeper into each person’s specific profile and continue exploring possible areas of conflict and areas of connection between the two profiles. By further examining how your profiles interact and what needs each person has you will come to an even deeper understanding of one another and how you can support each other.


Day 4

9-9:30am: Meditation with Miles

Silent sitting, and answers to questions.


9:30am-12pm: Conscious Communication with Miles

            This session will provide a follow-up to our first session and give you a chance to talk about how it worked to use the skills, what issues you still want to discuss, and how you can improve your use of the skills to enable a more satisfying and authentic relationship.

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