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Practical Presence with Miles Sherts

Conscious Communication Skills Online Course

  • Online Course CCS

    Skills for Conscious Communication and Conflict Resolution
    • Self-directed Course to Take at your own Pace
    • Online Course Access with over 2 Hours of Video Teachings
    • Easy Step-by-Step Process
    • 16-Chapter Study Guide to Support Learning
    • Conscious Communication eBook and audiobook
    • Gift: 20% discount on your 1st Private Session with Miles
What will I get out of taking this course?

You will gain insight about your current communication habits and be able to measure how well they are working for you to meet your needs.   You will also learn some new skills that may enable you to better meet your needs and have more genuine and satisfying relationships with other people.

Do I have to adopt a new belief system to learn these skills?

No, this is not about a new ideology or set of beliefs.  Conscious Communication skills help you to focus on what your needs are and what actually works to help you get those needs met in relation to other people.  You then decide which skills to use and how to use them in a way that serves your needs the best.

Is there a time limit for completing the Conscious Communication Skills Online Course?

No, there is no time limit for completing the Conscious Communication Skills Online Course. We understand that this course is not focused on traditional learning but rather on enhancing your communication skills. With lifetime access, you can explore the course content at your own pace, practice and integrate these valuable skills into your life, and revisit the material whenever you want. Our aim is to provide you with the flexibility to master conscious communication without the constraints of a specific timeframe.

What is the format of the course?

The course is designed to be self-directed, allowing you to learn at your own pace. It includes over 2 hours of video teachings that provide comprehensive insights into Conscious Communication. Additionally, you'll receive a 16-chapter study guide to support your learning, understanding, and assimilation of the material. To further enhance your experience, you'll have access to both the Conscious Communication eBook and Audiobook, which can be downloaded or viewed online. This multi-faceted approach ensures that you can engage with the course content in a way that suits your learning preferences and needs.

Is this a course I can take with my partner?

Yes, absolutely! This course is designed to be taken individually or with a partner. Whether you want to enhance your communication skills on your own or embark on this transformative journey together, the choice is yours. The course content and resources are adaptable to both solo and partner participation, allowing you to share the experience and grow together in conscious communication.

"One of the things I have known about my self (and my wife reminds me) is that I don't listen well.. But, when we were going through the Supportive Listening exercise (with Miles), and I asked my wife if there is anything I could do to help her, she said “you have already done it by listening to me”.

The amazing thing is that the listening exercise took about 3 minutes, and one of my arguments for not listening in the past has been that I'm just too busy, and have too many things going on. And the outcome when I say don't have time to listen is that we remain two separate individuals, she's worrying about her problems, and I'm off doing something else. 

Whereas when we sit down for three minutes (using the Supportive Listening skill), we can clear the air and find a common connection. It is a very efficient and quick way to resolve things."

-Scott Pierce

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