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Find your center. Find your calm. Find your joy.

Connect deeply and authentically with yourself and others.

Cultivate grounded presence, wisdom, and serenity.

Make sense of your world.

This work is for people who crave more meaning in their life... people who are not satisfied with what the world has to offer in terms of success or security... people who know there must be more to life than getting ahead financially or seeking recognition from others... people who need to get to the bottom of things and are determined to find their true purpose in life. 


This work is for people who yearn for deep, authentic relationships... people who want a more satisfying, fulling connection with themselves and others... people who can be honest with themselves... people who need to find the real cause of pain, fear, disillusionment and despair.


This work is for people who have begun their inner work and have perspective on their mind and the courage and conviction to go in... and keep going deep until they see the light on the other side.

These tools and practices are for everyone.  They are for anyone who wants to be happy and free... anyone that suffers... anyone with an ego... anyone with a private mind inside a body... anyone who is going to die, anyone who is born, anyone who thinks they are someone. There is no one this is not for... no one who is not suffering, no one who does not want happiness and freedom from constriction.

Conscious Communication 

Learn the tools to put an end to frustrating, unhealthy or hurtful patterns of communication and create true understanding, safety, and trust in your relationships.

Your life partner, family member, friend, colleague, or acquaintance... the quality and success of every relationship is determined by how we communicate.

Through his books, online courses, and private individual coaching, couples coaching, and group trainings and retreats, Miles provides you with the tools and support to help you develop powerful, effective skills that enable you transform your relationships and your life.

You will learn to express yourself honestly without blame and to listen to others without judgement, enabling you to connect authentically and meaningfully when emotions are charged.


You will learn how to maintain a connection in conversations - even when there is tension - so that feelings and needs can be discussed openly, resulting in everyone getting more of what they want.

This leads to genuine understanding, safety, and trust - the foundation of authentic, joyful, and successful relationships.

Learning and applying these tools will transform your life and enable you to help others to transform theirs!


For more information, to join the Online Course, or schedule a private or group session, go to:

Conscious Communication

Couples Coaching

Couples Communication Coaching sessions are for couples who recognize that communication is challenging and find that it is often difficult to understand each other.

In these private sessions, Miles teaches and guides you in using specific communication tools. This will enable you to have difficult conversations with your partner while staying connected, and work together to find practical solutions.


You will learn skills for listening to each other and how to assert your own feelings and needs when emotions are charged.

You will learn how to interrupt your habit of focusing on what happened and who is to blame and let go of defending yourself and arguing over who is right.

You will be guided to identify and focus on each other’s core emotions and basic needs, allowing you to understand why your partner is feeling the way they are, and what needs of theirs are not being met. Once your focus has shifted from proving your point to finding a way to meet each of your needs, you become allies working together to solve a problem, instead of adversaries competing to see who will win.

You will learn how to shift from patterns of communication breakdowns to communication breakthroughs, so you can get to a place of healing and understanding, have more meaningful and productive conversations, connect more deeply, and enjoy greater intimacy and healthy independence.

For more information, click the link, or contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Couples Coaching

Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation is an ancient medicine with proven health benefits. Using it enables you to become more self-aware, more focused in the present, and better able to manage your emotions and needs.


Insight Meditation can reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety, addiction, and the chronic diseases that they cause.

As you learn Insight Meditation, you will connect deeply with a source of calm and wellness that is right inside you, accessible at any time.  


Insight Meditation is for everyone - to be learned and practiced at any age and any stage. It is non-denominational and unaffiliated with any religion. It is a powerful tool that opens the door to the sacred and enables you to access the unified field of consciousness where you experience "the peace that passes all understanding".



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I have authored six books on the topics of Conscious Communication Skills, Insight Meditation, couples work, awareness, presence, and the ego.  

In my books, I address the human condition and the suffering that results from competing with each other for our personal survival.

My books provide practical ways to shift our orientation from the fear and anxiety of isolated individuals to the joy and security of belonging to a harmonious, whole, and unified world.


                         Miles Sherts

For more information, go to:

My Books
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