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A Guide to Meditation

This is the story of a young man who had everything and gave it all up in a moment of profound disillusionment to search for his truth. At the age of nineteen he found his way to a Buddhist monastery on the other side of the world, in Sri Lanka. There he discovered what he was looking for in the awareness of a simple breath. Illustrated by personal accounts, teaching stories, and fresh insights, Beyond Perception presents a new spirituality which is not beholden to institutions or cemented in dogma. Practical and alive, this teaching directs you to your own presence, demonstrating how life’s biggest questions are answered in the stillness of your own heart.

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Beyond Perception Book

A Language of Connection

Conscious Communication is a simple yet elegant set of relationship tools that enable us to stay connected with other people while recognizing our differences. Instead of establishing new rules to follow, this book offers specific skills that interrupt our rational evaluations and that make space for emotional honesty and compassion. As we learn to grow beyond our limited judgments of right and wrong and we describe what is true for us in the present moment, we connect with other people in a way that dissolves our isolation and provides a genuine sense of belonging and security.

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Conscious Comm Book
Couples Communiction Book

For People in Committed Relationships
Who Want Intimacy and Independence

Conscious Communication for Couples details a simple and effective way for people in committed relationships to express their feelings and needs and to listen to those of their partner. These skills enable you to understand each other, rather than fighting over who is right. They offer a way to talk honestly, without judgement or blame, and to work together to explore solutions that meet both of your needs.​​

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A Spiritual Approach to
Resolving Humanity's Crisis at the Cause

As our world appears poised to collapse around us, we find ourselves reaching for extreme solutions, like colonizing Mars or bio-engineering a new species of humans. In our collective panic, we are easily lured into conspiracy theories, thinking that finding a villain will somehow resolve our dilemma. And as we search for someone to blame, we become more isolated from one another in a fog of fear and suspicion.

The Tyranny of the Ego exposes the underlying cause of our crisis and suggests a way out that is as simple as it is radical. The root of the problem is our allegiance to our own individual identity and belief that we are separate and alone. As long as this premise goes unquestioned, we are bound to compete with one another until we have destroyed life on Earth.

The Elephant in the Room as
Humanity Faces Catastrophic Climate Change

Our situation:  By relentlessly extracting and consuming the natural resources of our planet and dumping the resulting waste back into our living environment, we are undermining our survival as a species.

We have disrupted Earth’s carefully balanced ecosystems to the point that the atmosphere of our planet is destabilizing, and we are disabling Earth’s ability to sustain us. Although most of us are now aware of this, and our science has proven it, we are still not able to stop ourselves from destroying the conditions for life on Earth.

And a conclusion:  
The problem is not a lack of knowledge, resources, information, or technology. The problem is that our fundamental human nature seems to be self-destructive, and most of us don’t believe we can do anything about that. Human Nature presents a refreshing new perspective on our inherent conditioning and offers a clear path to personal transformation that will enable us to be nurturing stewards of this precious earth.

How Mindful Awareness Can Reveal a Hidden Truth and
Restore Us to Wholeness

Many of us sense that we are being manipulated by something or someone. We are awash in conspiracy theories pointing the finger in all directions, and it is increasingly difficult for us to agree on basic facts anymore. This is fragmenting our society at a time when we most need to act cohesively, disabling us from saving ourselves or our planet from impending disaster.

Ego Conspiracy reveals the true cause of our oppression, division, and inertia as a faulty program distorting the way that we see ourselves and the world around us. It presents a remedy in an ancient practice of mindful awareness and shows how we can learn to direct our attention in order to see clearly where we are stuck and how to free ourselves.

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Ego Conspirac
Human Nature
The Tyranny of th Ego
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