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Conscious Communication Skills Online Course
Introduction / Free Materials

With recent close quarters and lockdown experiences, we are all reevaluating key aspects of our lives - especially the quality of our relationships.  We know how communication can break down and spiral out of control with undesirable results; and we recognize how important it is to have close family and friends when going through difficult times.

The Conscious Communication Skills Online Course provides you with simple yet powerful tools that enable you resolve conflict collaboratively and put an end to breakdowns in your relationships.  Using these tools opens a pathway to experience greater understanding, trust, and safety with others.  You will learn how to express yourself honestly without blame, listen without judgements, and have more meaningful interactions and authentic connections with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

Course Introduction:

Get Conscious With Communicating!


We would like to offer you a FREE chapter from the Conscious Communication book, in audio or eBook format.


This introduction to Conscious Communication Skills presents a radical new perspective on relationships and how they are affected by our communication habits. It will get you thinking about how we can communicate more effectively so we all get more satisfaction from our conversations with each other.

Learn more about the book and get your FREE chapter below.

Join in and get the full Conscious Communication Skills Online Course.  Learn skills that will enable you to develop healthy communication habits and improve the quality of your relationships with everyone.  For more information:

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