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Conscious Communication for Couples

Weekend Workshops

Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your partner?

Do you want to be able to express yourself honestly without fear of blame or judgement?

Do you  want to understand your partner when their behavior

is upsetting you?


In this small-group workshop, you will learn skills together that enable better understanding between one another. These tools will help you communicate your basic emotions and needs honestly without blame, and listen to those of your partner without judgment. They will help you to work through difficult issues, while staying connected.

How does it work?

In Couples Communication Coaching, the focus is on how you communicate with each other, especially when one or both of you are emotionally charged. Coaching is different from traditional therapy in that you do most of the talking directly with each other. The coach directs the process, but not the content of your conversations. The goal is that you have support to talk through difficult issues while gaining skills that you can take home and use on your own.

Miles does not offer solutions to your conflicts, but teaches you a process that you can apply to any difficult conversation. He will help you to be aware of your unconscious habits, and will show you how to use Conscious Communication Skills to meet your needs, while supporting your partner in meeting their needs.


These skills are easy to learn yet difficult to apply because most of us automatically defer to our habitual way of thinking about conflict in terms of right and wrong. This sets you up for competition, power struggle, and chronic tension, while making it more difficult to collaborate and connect.

To learn how to use these relationship tools effectively usually requires the guidance of a teacher who can show you how to apply them to your personal issues. An intensive small-group workshop gives you an opportunity to discuss specific situations, watch demonstrations, and practice the skills for yourself in role-play scenarios.

In these workshops, participants learn and practice:


• Listening without judgment


• Voicing strong feelings without blame or attack


• Establishing healthy boundaries that enable mutual respect


• Caring for yourself while also caring about your partner

Together couples explore the roots of common communication habits and learn to evaluate how well these are working.  Experiential exercises help to change the way you think about relationships. From this new perspective, you learn how to communicate your ideas, feelings, and needs honestly without attacking or blaming, and listen without judgment or evaluation.

While you will be encouraged to practice these skills in role-plays using real scenarios from your life, you will not be pressured to reveal more than is comfortable for you. For everyone's safety, all sessions are confidential and will not delve too deeply into personal issues or conflicts between people in the workshop. That type of processing is better suited for private sessions.

Miles spent ten years as a professional divorce mediator and realized that if he could teach couples to use the same listening, assertion and negotiation skills before they split up, a lot of shipwrecked marriages might be saved. He has worked with couples since 1990 helping people who don't feel understood to assert themselves responsibly, while also listening supportively.

About the Event:

  • Small-group workshop (5-7 couples) allows you to get individual support and gives you an opportunity to hear how other couples are dealing with difficult issues

  • Interactive format includes theory, live demonstrations, and practice sessions using role-play scenarios presented in an entertaining and fun style that will keep you engaged

  • You will leave knowing how to make these new skills part of your daily relationship

  • Set in the secluded, magical, 120-acre nature sanctuary of Sky Meadow Retreat in Vermont

  • Homemade, healthy vegetarian meals harvested mostly from our organic gardens at Sky Meadow. Our beautiful buffet style provides options for food allergies or preferences.

  • Each couple has a spacious private room (with 3 shared bathrooms)

  • Safe and confidential setting allows for personal insights and growth while keeping healthy boundaries in place

  • This is not couple’s therapy and no one will be asked or allowed to go too deeply into personal issues during the workshop

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