Custom Workshops Questionnaire

Please tell us more about your group and the training you are looking for. Once we receive this information, someone will get back to you with a training proposal including costs.

  • Supportive Listening – listening in order to understand others 

  • Assertion – speaking directly about your feelings and needs in order to be understood 

  • Collaborative Negotiation and Decision Making – negotiating fairly without competition so everyone’s feelings and needs are recognized and all sides get their basic needs met 

  • Meeting Facilitation – guiding the process of a meeting so all members have a voice and the process is fun, productive, and efficient 

  • Shared Leadership – sharing the management tasks so everyone feels invested and no one is over-stressed or burned out 

  • Building a Supportive Team – creating a sense of unity that gives each member a sense of ownership and belonging, while maintaining their autonomy.

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